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Holistic Life Coach Sessions and Classes Booking
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I look forward to assisting you on your journey to wholeness.

My goal as a Certified Holistic Life Coach is to help people gain optimal balance and harmony in their lives.


Holistic simply means “holism” or being “whole”. You can think of it as enhancing personal development from a multi­directional approach.


From a holistic perspective, I view the person as a complete being, rather than an individual who may have an unresolved challenge. When we view ALL possible contributions to the current state, a better and more comprehensive resolution is created. This is accomplished by balancing the mind, body and soul.



On the BODY ​or physical level, I will be working with you to develop healthy nutrition, exercise programs. I will assist you to create healthy environments and action plans that support your physical goals and desires for a healthy and thriving body.


On the MIND​ or mental level, I will work with you to uncover the underlying limiting beliefs and patterns that cause physical manifestations such as a headache or other signs of stress.

I will assist you to create and incorporate new thoughts, beliefs and actions that are aligned with your values, goals and desires. Re­programming the subconscious mind is essential to healing and making life changes. We live what we believe on a subconscious level.



On the SOUL ​or spiritual level, I will work with you to connect to the higher aspect of yourself - that which is unseen but exists within each of us. I will assist you with various meditation practices, mantras to find the silence, stillness and spaciousness in your heart.


By combining all three aspects of our lives: mind, body and soul, we can move into living our lives in a peaceful and holistic manner.

Classes and Services

5 Elements/Soul Retrieval

When most people think of the soul, they think of an energy that is floating above the body, or is separate from the body, when in fact that is not the whole story.  Our body is made of the 5 elements, and the consciousness of these elements is a large part of our soul. This ritual collects lost/stolen pieces of the elements that make up our body consciousness, and therefore is considered a form of soul retrieval.  The physical body soul consciousness is responsible for not only the health of the body, but also the mental stability.  This extremely ancient practice heals all aspects of the body, mind and soul. Each element is connected to a different organ, color, emotion and Goddess.
When we experience stress, trauma, illnesses, depression or anger explosions, we lose pieces of each element that makes up our soul consciousness.  This is normal, and part of living on such an energetically dense planet. Also, in some cases our soul pieces are stolen and hidden. Since the knowledge of how to retrieve these pieces has not been openly taught to the masses, most people are not operating with all of the necessary soul pieces.

Here is a link to a article I wrote about this service.

House/Property Balancing and Clearing

This is based what I have been doing in my local area for a while. I just recently learned that I can now do this in a more powerful way for any location when I incorporate my Soul Retrieval Ritual. What I do is balance the elemental energies of the location as well as the people who live there.


When people have disturbances in either their homes or property, it is connected to the people who are living there. Most of the time the individuals have a karmic connection to the energies that are causing issues. This connection could be from this lifetime or a previous one. So, I clear both aspects of this problem by using the 18,000-year-old Tibetan Bon Buddhist ritual practice called the 5 Elements practice or Soul Retrieval.

The 5 elements of a location can become lost, stolen or disturbed from numerous causes that could have taken place in the present or in its deep past. The people that are drawn to live in these locations are connected as well.

When I clear the property and home, I perform the ritual on a skype or phone call with the client. I connect to them and to the property. I then do the ritual for the benefit of the home, property and owners. I am like the conduit for the clearing. Once I am finished, I take my energy out, and I reconnect the owners to the property.

This takes about 1 hour, maybe a little longer. Before the ritual I like to talk to the client for a bit.

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Spiritual Scholars Sessions (Minimum 4 sessions scheduled)

Each class will consist of various teaching topics that are listed below.  After I teach a subject then you will do your “homework”.  We will discuss your progress, answer questions, as well as discuss what is blocking you.  So, each class will most likely be part learning and part counseling.  We may decided to do a meditation together to help you move through an issue.  There may also be a time, where one class will be just a solid counseling session, or you may have many questions for me.  

My requirements are that you sign up for a minimum of 2 months.  You can schedule once every week or once a week.  That is up to you.  Once you sign up for this program, you will pick and pay for your first class.  After that, I will add you to my schedule manually.  That way you can schedule for a month at a time.  I will send a invoice via pay pal after each class.  This way you only pay for the class you attend.  If one of us needs to cancel then we can reschedule.

One Hour Sessions

Basic session on your needs or questions for insights to healing or your spiritual process for one hour.

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