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I began using the products back in 2010.  My homeopathic practitioner, who is also my teacher, introduced them to me.  

I had been using other brands of supplements at the time, and was happy with what I was using.  I decided to give Shaklee a try.  

After one month, I was shocked at the difference.  I absolutely could feel a shift in my body.

 I know this sounds like a cheap sales pitch, but it’s not.  I speak from personal experience.  I don’t advice my friends, family or clients to use anything that I have not had success with.  

Shaklee products are amazing, and I know this from using them every day.

There is a Health Assessment Test you can take on my website that will give you a suggested 30 day plan of products customized to your needs.  It is called Health Print.

Lisa Rising Berry

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